Camper Clean
Product Data

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Black streaks are a common
nuisance among RV, camper,
and travel trailer owners. 
Most often, black streaks
occur when rain, water, or
air conditioner condensation
pools, gathers road dust and
asphalt residues, and runs in
a stream down the exterior wall, leaving a dirty streak in its wake.  If left unattended, these streaks can permanently stain the exterior wall. 

Regular cleaning with Camper Clean can remove these black streaks and keep them from permanently discoloring your RV, camper, or travel trailer.  In our personal experience, we have not found a "Black Streak" remover that really works.  As a result, after working with RV dealers, we have formulated Camper Clean. It has proven effective in removing black streaks, even those left for long periods of time without being cleaned.

Camper Clean has been developed specifically to clean road dirt and asphaltic residue from your RV, camper, or travel trailer.  Camper Clean contains the latest cleaning technology, utilizing a combination of chemically active components to attack and dissolve the most stubborn stains and dirt residues.   It is easy to use.  Read the instructions and cautions before using. This is a highly concentrated product.  DO NOT LEAVE ON FOR MORE THAN 5 MINUTES.

Physical Characteristics:

Appearance........................Slightly hazy liquid
Density (specific gravity)......0.950 - 0.970
pH....................................11 - 12


Camper Clean is easy to use.  Simply spray Camper Clean on the area to be cleaned, allowing it to penetrate no more than 5 minutes, then wipe or wash away.   Rinse thoroughly.   Normally, one application is all that is required; however, for stubborn asphaltic residue and insect stains, a second application is sometimes necessary. 

Do not leave Camper Clean on for more than 5 minutes.  Always rinse thoroughly.  When using this product, wear eye and skin protection--safety glasses and rubber gloves.

To prevent many stains, such as insects, we recommend applying Bug RINSE-OFF before your next trip!


This product is EXTREMELY ALKALINE.  Do not take internally.  If swallowed, do not induce vomiting.  Drink milk, magnesia or chalk.  Contact a physician immediately.  Eyes:  Flush with clean water for 15 minutes.  Skin:  Rinse with clear water.  If irritation persists, consult a physician.


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