Centri Coatings has been manufacturing high quality paint and coatings since 1983.  Located in North Kansas City, Missouri, our manufacturing facility is family owned and operated.  

We have a wide range of filling and manufacturing equipment, as well as a Speciality Manufacturing Division that focuses on solving application and product dilemmas.  Our chemical knowledge includes an understanding of many polymeric resin functionalities. 
From liquids to powders, water base to solvent base, our manufacturing plant has the capacity to generate and ship large volumes of products in a wide variety of container sizes.

Our Private Brands Division will work with your company to manufacture your product, to your specifications... we'll even help you set up your label and make sure you meet all the packaging regulations as required in CFR 49.   
Are you interested in being a distributor for Centri Coatings?  We have currently have territories throughout the U.S. available.   Contact us.