Product List
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  De Greaser D-G
      Water Base Black
  Power Rinse Wax
  Power Wash Solution
  Spray Masking Gel
  Tire Wash
  Ultra Carpet Cleaner
  Ultra Spot Remover
      Solvent Based
(AS #40-04)
      Water Based 
(AW 61603)

RV Products
  Bug Rinse Off
  Camper Clean
  RV Roof Coat
  Tire Wash
  Ultra Carpet Cleaner
  Ultra Spot Remover

Cleaning Supplies
  Camper Clean
  De Greaser D-G
  Power Rinse Wax
  Power Wash Solution
  Tire Wash
  Ultra Carpet Cleaner
  Ultra Spot Remover

  Splatter Guard
        see Flooring
        see Primers
        see Roofing
        see Sealers
        see Wood Protector

  Epoxy System EPO-2000
     Component A Clear
     Component B Gray
  Urethane Floor Coating
(43%, clear)

  Black Enamel, Water Base
  Gray (light) Shop Primer
  Red Phenolic Primer
  White Primer

  Solvent Based Elastomeric
     Roof Coat 2050-S
  Water Based Elastomeric
     CEN-2000 Primer
     CEN-2100 Finish Coat
     RV Roof Coat

Clear Acrylic
  CSC-99-7  (7%)
  CSC-99-14 (14%)
  CSC-99-23 (23%)

Traffic Marking
Paint Divison
  Athletic Field Marking Paint
  Black Overstripe
  Gloss #200
  Temporary Traffic, White
  VT-1001 Fasty Dry Alkyd

Wood Products
  Power Wash Solution
  Wood Shield



Centri Coatings currently manufactures a wide variety of products for industrial use, as well as products for use by the homeowner.  Please contact us for pricing and additional information.

All products are made in the USA.
We are Primed for Primers!  Our primers meet Federal Spec. TT-P-664C, as well as California VOC requirements.

Take a look at our line of Camper Products.  

We call them "The Essentials"--don't leave
home without 'em!

  the black streaks in-
  between, we've got you

gallon, it's a line of problem
  solver products that will
  help you to get on down
  the road!
Are you a Power Washer?  Boy, do we have the
solution for you! 
  formulated to remove tough dirt and grime. 
  For industrial use only, POWER WASH
  SOLUTION is highly concentrated, but can be
  diluted as needed, based on the job. 

  power washing fences!  Take a look at
  Wood Shield--a fantastic wood oil for use
  after Power Washing. 

  Our CSC-99 is a great concrete and brick
  sealer, available in various percentages.
Our Traffic Marking Paint Division has done it
  just added a NEW rapid dry traffic paint
  called "ACRY-TECH-04".  So fast, we call it
  "Lightning Stripe"!! 
  pails, but also available in 55 gallon drums.  
  hazards of all weather conditions, our traffic
  marking paint lasts longer than others on the
  you don't have to mix again on the job!
For Wood Fences, Decks & other Wood

  on decks, fences, and other wood structures.
  It is a first class wood protector, providing
  excellent water repellency.  Wood Shield
  keeps the wood from absorbing water,
  which rots wood prematurely, thereby
  making wood structures last longer. 
--Protect your investment with Wood Shield!
By request, Centri has developed several
Car Care Solutions used by Automotive
  Do you use an undercoat?  Ours has great
  adhesion, no sag, and can be sprayed
  horizontally or vertically.  Check out our
  waterbase Under Coat - AW #61603, or
  our solvent base Under Coat - AS # 40-04,
  a fast dry undercoat!
  coating system used for roofs and walls. 
  This product is the next generation in
  coating surfaces for exterior exposure.
-------------It is simply "the best"!
And now for floors.....
  epoxy system used to create a durable,
  glossy, wear-resistant floor surface.  It's
  abrasion resistance makes it an exceptional
Are you in to Construction?  We have a time
saving, economical product for you:
  From concrete to stucco, paint and asphalt,
  splatters can create all kinds of problems
  during construction and repair jobs.  This
  sprayable coating will protect surfaces from
  splatters, and save YOU time and money. 
  ------Spray it on, do your work, rinse it off!

Do you need to mark grass fields?
  coating formulated for the unique surfaces
  and wear and tear of football fields and
  soccer fields, as well as baseball and softball
  diamonds--or any outdoor, grass area that
  needs to be marked in some way.
Are you interested in being a distributor for Centri Coatings?  We currently have territories throughout the U.S. available.  Contact us.
We are constantly adding more products to our web site.  Please check back often.  We have the capacity and knowledge to produce a vast array of products, so if you don't see what you are looking us.