Our Private Brands Division
specializes in manufacturing
for other companies.   That
is, we will manufacture your
product, with your formulation
and technology, to meet your

Then we label it with your label and ship it out under your name.  And no one ever knows we did it!
Centri        Coatings & Systems Corporation
We have been manufacturing "Private Brands" for 20 years and can appreciate the need for confidentiality.   Before you reveal your processes or formulas to us, we have legally binding Confidentiality Agreements that we sign to assure the confidentiality of your proprietary information.
We adjust each Agreement to fit your company's situation and product lines.

We have equipment such as Ball Mills for pigment grinding, Dispersers, and Ribbon Blenders, each used to manufacture specific products.  Our laboratory is equipped to perform the standard checks and measures of the industry.  Our manufacturing facility is divided into buildings of similar production so that we have the capacity to produce a variety of products at the same time.

If your company has a product that you would like us to manufacture, please contact us

If your company has a product you would like us to develop--that is, you do not have a formula--we have a Specialty Manufacturing Division that focuses on research and development--and problem solving.