Our Specialty Manufacturing Division focuses on research and development--and problem solving.

Many of our customers come to us with a concept of a product they would like to market, or a product they are currently working with that needs some improvement or adjustments to fit their particular application.  With our experience and technical background, we can handle almost any formulation or application demand.

We have the knowledge and equipment for liquid blending and dispersion, as well as powder blending, in large quantities, with short lead times.  We are familar with products that have contamination issues, and have the capability of setting up the necessary requirements to accommodate these problems. 

Not surprisingly, we occasionally get requests to make a product similar to one that we currently manufacture.  We have the technology to manufacture your product and maintain confidentiality.   We are known in the industry for our ability to handle these situations with integrity and individuality.  Rest assured that your business and formulations will remain in the strictest of confidence with Centri Coatings & Systems Corporation. 

In the manufacturing industry, "R & D" usually comes with a hefty pricetag.  In an effort to keep your costs down, Centri Coatings does not do unnecessary testing or test batches.  If, after a preliminary analysis, we feel that the product is not feasible, we will stop and discuss your options  with you.

Please contact us if you have a product that needs some R & D to make it "just right".
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